Since I was a student, I have been active as a model in newspapers and editorial magazines, and as a local PR peach girl. After graduating from university I joined Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. Later, I was recommended by a former Kansai TV announcer, I studied at the FM Kagawa Announcement Academy. He was a freelance MC and personality for local and Nishinippon Broadcasting TV and various other radio programs.

I moved from Kagawa to Osaka and studied at the Announcement School Sun Broadcasting Academy. While acting as a caster, reporter, and MC for various programs, I performed activities as a singing sister at the Children’s Workshop, performed 200 stages a year, and performed in musicals in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe. Other activities include; Event moderator, banquet moderator, funeral moderator [for all denominations] election Uguisu [win rate 100%], bilingual bridal moderator, etc.

“Words” I have faced challenges for years and have gained a lot of experience.
Words with special feelings heal and encourage people and illuminate the future.
Good words have eternal life and can bring light to people’s hearts forever.

When I was just starting out I was selected as a reporter for a travel program and was interviewed by a newspaper company. The reporter asked, “How did you break through this highly competitive audition? Are you a relative of a celebrity?

Are you from the University of Tokyo?” The answer to both is no.

And he said, “I can only think of introducing you as a newcomer.”

At the same time, I thought, “I see, I don’t have any strengths at the moment. so, I should start to build on my experience.” Since then, for more than a quarter of a century, I have gained a lot of experience through TV, radio, theatrical performances, events, and various ceremonies. On TV, in addition to overseas coverage, news, sports, and commercials,

In addition, I also experienced work like a pioneer of YouTuber who is in charge of all program production by myself.

Sometimes there were unexpected problems. I was impressed a lot, laughed and cried, spun words with my emotions, and talked while struggling to exceed my expectations.

I believe all of that is connected to the present and there is great potential on the other side of this moment.

In this HP, we have added a “partnership registration column” to cooperate with each vendor. I hope that our relationship will expand even further! !!


Saki  Maeda