Delivering magical voices to various scenes in the world

Saki Voice Japan, Inc. provides 《Voice Services》.

We also offer 《Video Production on the same day》 in combination with emceeing and lecturing. Please feel free to contact us.

Narration About the narrator

As a singer, I perform about 200 events each year.
I am able to make use of the acting skills I have acquired in musicals for my narration work. All recordings are done in our home studio and we handle everything from ordering to delivery, completely online.


With experiences in over 4,500 projects, we accept a wide range of moderators for ceremonial occasions, parties, in-house events and lectures. We also accept requests as online moderators for events and commercials for companies as they appear.


In addition to narration at our home recording studio, Saki Voice Japan responds to individual requests such as substitute hosting, conversation confidence building, and narration skill improvement. We also offer a wide range of services, such as balloon art decoration, video production, beauty treatment and product sales.

Profile プロフィール

Since I was a student, I have been a TV / radio announcer and reporter with over 25 years of experience. With experience in all genres, we will deliver narration according to your request.

Contact Inquiries / Applications

From simple questions to requesting a quote, please feel free to contact us using the We are also looking for company partnership registration.
Please feel free to contact us.